Why Did I Start The Sun Gear Company?

The Idea

On a bright spring day my children were playing outside in UPF clothing and I noticed they were getting very warm. Their UPF clothes were trapping their body heat (like a greenhouse). One would imagine UPF clothing would be made for the sun, but most is designed for water activities and is too hot for regular play. 

I prefer UPF clothing for my children to minimize the amount of toxins and nanoparticles from sunscreen. There are many options for adult performance shirts that combine UPF with wicking and cooling properties but I could not find similar products for my children. The search for my kids protective clothing led to the creation of Sun Gear. 


Sun Protection

Sun protection is important because the skin cancer diagnosis rates are increasing globally.

Children’s skin is especially delicate and pediatric melanoma is on the rise by about 2% every year. I’ve read that one blistering sunburn can double a child’s lifetime risk of developing skin cancer. Half of us (40-50% according to skincancer.org) will have basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma by the time we are 65. Much of our adult vulnerability to skin cancer depends on exposure to sun in our first 15 years of life. Early sun protection is critical.

I don’t send my kids out to play in the heat of the day, but there are times, like vacation, that it is almost impossible to avoid extensive sun exposure. Additionally, I want my children to feel free to enjoy the outdoors, imagine and play like I had to the privilege to do as a child without fear of environmental factors. 

The Company

My mission is to protect children from heat and sun exposure by producing quality UPF, cooling clothing.